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Hi, my name is Lea

Living and working on a farm with my husband in western Colorado, I enjoy capturing the going ons of the farm and ranch, along with the occasion when we venture out on the less traveled backroads near and far. We like to visit places with a view toward the history that we find, like a hidden treasure. It's the history of a place that makes it alive for us. I am blessed to be able to see some of this amazing country...from Bedrock to the timberlines and beyond.

Bedrock, Colorado is a ranching community that was established in 1883 in the Paradox Valley at the base of the La Sal mountains. The Bedrock store and post office were built on solid rock therefore the name.  

Bedrock is part of my history.  My mother was born in Bedrock and lived there as a young girl where her dad, my grandpa, managed a large cattle ranch. He drove cattle over the La Sal mountains to Thompson Springs, Utah where they were shipped from there.   Later on he cowboyed for cattle rancher Marie Scott in the Lone Cone area while living in Bedrock...from "Bedrock" to timberline and back again.

I am blessed to be able to see and capture some of this amazing country...from Bedrock to the timberline and beyond.

Please enjoy as you browse through the galleries.


bed┬Ěrock noun

1) solid rock underlying loose deposits such as soil or alluvium.

2) the fundamental principles on which something is based.

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